Trust yourself

Now you are 31 years old

There are many people passing by your life.

Let them go. Treasure the ones you care and who care about you.

Remember, maintain your integrity in this disorienting world.


Become the better you.

Remember, the past you, the childhood, the teenager, the up and rising and the present you, even the future you, all your ancestors, they are all blessing you.

Don’t lose faith, hope and love.

就別再為他流淚 別再讓他操控你的傷悲
就算有一點愚昧一點點後悔 也不要太狼狽
他不值得你的淚 把那遺憾丟在大雨的街
你曾在迷失的旅途中盲目追 以後為自己醉

ummmmm. I am strong to recover. dear =]